Code of Conduct

MFIL Staff shall, at all times, strive to uphold the vision, mission and core values of the organization in accordance with approved Code of Conduct (CoC):

  • Act with integrity, proficiency, dignity and in an ethical manner when dealing with MFIL customers, suppliers, competitors, agencies, colleagues and public.
  • Act and motivate others to act in a professional and principled manner to reflect the brand image positively on MFIL staff, their profession and MFIL, at large.
  • Endeavor to maintain and improve the competency of the business in all aspects.
  • Exercise self-governing professional judgment in a prudent manner.
  • Maintain knowledge and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of any government, governmental agency, and regulatory organization, licensing agency or other professional association governing the staffs’ professional activities.
  • Service delivery with highest professionalism in accordance with MFIL Policies and relevant operational and professional standards.
  • Support and help others to perform their professional responsibilities.
  • Restrain not to get involved in any affairs which may create conflict between personal interest of the employee and interest of MFIL.
  • Maintenance of strict confidentiality of information entrusted to the employee by MFIL and MFIL customers, stakeholders etc.
  • Disengagement from any professional conduct that involves dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation, or committing any act that reflects adversely on their honesty, trustworthiness or professional competence.