Why Shaping Stories?

Why does the company manifest its goal through the company slogan “Shaping Stories”?

Everyone has story he or she envisioned, nurtured inside. In the social-economic reality that exist in our country, a very few people dare to take the step towards attaining them, others are afraid to take risks. The company’s challenge and promise is to help you shape the stories you cherish, help you get rid of the life you are forced to live in.

The company is here to know your dreams, help you find your destination, help you find the courage to chase those dreams, support your journey and help you achieve success. Very simply, every man is precious, so are her/his dreams. Meridian Finance wants you to chase your dream, because, if you do, you will have a story worth telling. Thus, the company is here to shape your stories towards the right course, to shape the stories into reality.

With you, we wish to climb the top, and that journey is the story worth telling. We don’t tell your story, we offer you the help so that you can take the decision of your life. We are here to support them find their stories achievable, flourish their potential and finally, change the investment and business scenario for better.

The strategic objective of Meridian Finance & Investment Limited is to become one of the best performing financial institutions in the country. Believing in ourselves and our mission to promote, support and serve, we seek for your company, as we shall accompany you towards our mutual quest for shaping stories, stories of success. We hope one day we can say, “here we started, thus far we have come, this much we have accomplished, these many stories of success we shaped and still we have long way to go”.

Therefore, the philosophical and pragmatic reason and objective of Meridian Finance & Investment Ltd. is no other than: Shaping Stories.