Arjon (Secured)

Arjon is a fully secured loan. The loan may be secured by way of registered mortgage of Land & building or lien of either FDR or publicly traded shares. This facility will be provided to the credit worthy clients considering the business prospect


Partial secured : BDT 2.00 million to 20.00 million
Fully secured : Above BDT 3.00 million up to 30.00 million


Partial Secured : BDT 10.00 million to 40.00 million
Fully secured : Above BDT 15.00 million to 50.00 million


Business experience: Minimum 3 years experience in the same line of business

  • Age: Minimum 25 years & maximum 50 years
  • Collateral: Client must provide either Mortgage Property or lien of TDR or Lien of publicly traded share


  • Loan Term: Up to 60 months
  • Lower rate of interest
  • Customized disbursement & execution procedure
  • Security:

a. Lien of TDR with MFIL or other Banks/NBFI

b. Registered Mortgage of Land & Building

c. Hypothecation on present and future assets both fixed & floating nature

Required Document

  • Duly filled in and signed Application Form
  • Photographs of Applicant & Guarantor(s)
  • Valid NID/Passport, Driving/Trade License of Applicant and Guarantor(s) Trade License,   E-TIN & NID
  • Bank statements of last 12 (Twelve) months
  • Sales statements for last 12 (Twelve) months
  • Copy of Utility bills
  • Rental deed copy
  • Land Document (if applicable)