Basic documents (for all profession)

  • Duly filled in MFIL Home Loan Application Form (with signature as per NID)
  • Duly filled CIB undertaking form
  • 2 copy PP size Photograph of applicant & Co-Applicant with respective signatures
  • 2 copy PP size Photographs of Guarantor- attested by applicants (2 copies)
  • Photocopy of National ID card/ Passport/ Driving License of applicants & Guarantor
  • CV/Bio data
  • Office ID Card/ Business Card, if applicable
  • E-TIN Certificate( IT-10B is required if applicable)for both applicant and co-applicant(s)
  • Latest utility bill copy of permanent & residential address
  • Landlord
  • Copy of all property ownership documents (Title deed, Mutation, Land Tax, Holding Tax)
  • Rental Deed with rent receipts
  • Detail rental declaration in MFIL format
  • Sanction Letter & relevant a/c statement of any existing personal loan with other Bank/NBFI
  • Any other document, as applicable

Car related Document:

  • Original Car Quotation in the name of Meridian Finance & Investment Ltd. A/C: Client name with acceptance signature by customer